Auldhouse Primary School | Big Class BigClass

Our Big Class made up of Primary 4-7’s is led by teacher Mr Alan Bruce. The children prepare for secondary school following Education Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence and love to learn through play.

This photo shows them after an exciting morning
listening to tales from Mr John Weir who was evacuated to Auldhouse from Glasgow during World War II.


We really are a friendly bunch. Being wee means the children from all the classes mix together and play well. We are like a big family, really.

Play Areas

Play is a big thing for the children at Auldhouse and in such beautiful surroundings too! We have plenty of play areas, man-made and home made to enjoy.


Teaching the children to think out of the box and work together is one of our aims, ensuring they have the right ‘qualifications’ to face life’s challenges.


The teachers work hard to ensure your child’s progress is tracked and monitored to ensure they get the best out of their education.


Our children get every opportunity to experience as many and varied activities we can fit into a school day!


We encourage the children to go at their own pace and learn as much as they can to promote a lifelong love of learning.