With a little help from our Friends

There are lots of good eggs in the Community, who give up their time to help the pupils enjoy themselves at school. A big thanks and round of applause goes to:

Adam Melia of Blue Dream Marketing

Adam is the main man behind this website, making it the cool site it is. www.bluedreammarketing.co.uk

Lynn Beveridge and her team from 21st Century Families

These wonderfully organised and patient ladies helped the pupils run a successful retro play day, where modern technology was off the timetable.

Jane Murphy of Soaves Ice Cream

Jane is our favourite lady when it comes to yummy ice cream. She gives up her time every year to deliver and sell the tastiest ice cream at our school fete.

Jim Mooney & Craig Smith of Greystone UK

These creative chaps are helping the pupils to design a special mural for the outside of the school and have already proved a big hit by donating a cool light up sand box.